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 January 29, 2011

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Greetings and Happy New Year from Main Street Church!

Our little congregation in Brigham City is often amazed at the kinds of things that God places in our midst. We are tempted to ask God, "Are you sure you have the right people? Aren't you looking for folks who are more qualified? You know...people who have it 'all together'?" But we know that God takes a special joy in glorifying Himself in the unlikeliest of ways.

One case in point is the television program, Polygamy: What Love Is This? that we (we of all people) have had our hands in from its inception in 2008. We're going on three years of producing this weekly call-in talk show program (hosted by our missionary-on-staff, Doris Hanson). It's all run by volunteers, none of whom had ever done anything like this before.

And sure enough, if you watch it long enough, you'll realize it's not being run by professionals. But God has blessed it, and has opened up some amazing (and sometimes heart-wrenching) opportunities to be involved in real, practical, hands-on ministry to a very hurting culture--that of Mormon Fundamentalism (polygamists), and also among those in mainstream Mormonism. We daily thank God for the opportunities that He has given us, even though in the back of our minds, we are tempted to wonder why He's picked us for the job!

Now before, if you didn't live in Utah and you were interested in this program, you'd have to wait until the episode got posted on the show's website, But now we have recently begun something new--live streaming video! So if you want to watch the program live, you now can--by Internet! You can even call in with your questions or comments and be heard on the air. To learn more, visit the web page (or one of the links on the right column.) You can still watch all of the previous episodes online at the web page.

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Polygamy: What Love Is This?

Doris Hanson hosts Polygamy: What Love Is This?

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UNVEILING GRACE is about to be released!

It's been nearly a year in the works, but we are excited to be on the verge of releasing Unveiling Grace, the first film to come out of Main Street Church's "Sacred Groves" ministry. It's the story of eight individuals, from Mormon backgrounds, who have had an amazing, life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

It was born out of the vision of the Sacred Groves website (, to provide personal video testimonies of encounters with Jesus, to help those in Mormon traditions who are struggling with their religious environment, doctrines, and teachings...and to provide "signposts" that point to a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Already in its relatively short life, we've been contacted by a number of people, either questioning Mormons or those who have already left, and they have commented that the stories they've seen on our website have had a lasting impact on them. Usually one story or another will resonate with them--they'll tell us that it was reassuring for them to know that they weren't the only one who struggled with such-and-such.

Most of the interviews and testimonies that we've posted online are fairly raw--that is, other than a couple of minor adjustments they haven't been edited or post-produced. Unveiling Grace, on the other hand, comes with a lot of careful work poured into it, weaving eight different stories together in order to bring about a concise and powerful testimony of God's grace, revealed through His word, the Bible. And it answers the one question that perhaps undergirds all the other questions that struggling Mormons entertain: Is there life for me outside of Mormonism? The film provides a clear, firm answer: Yes...abundant life!

But now we face a more practical are we going to distribute it? Well, our decisions are guided by three convictions.

1. We are committed to giving the DVDs away, at no cost, to Mormons who are seeking. Any Mormon who contacts us asking for a copy, will get one, no strings attached, as long as our funds allow. (It's an offer that we make on faith, trusting that God will provide for us, in order to provide for them!)

2. We are committed to making the DVDs as affordable as possible for everyone else--especially those who want to use them for outreach tools. The small amount we'll charge only partially offsets the cost of manufacture and distribution of the DVDs (including the many we will give away.)

3. We are committed to making the film available for online viewing, for free, for anyone, anywhere, who has access to the Internet. Once it's released on DVD, it will be available for viewing on the Sacred Groves website, YouTube, and anywhere else we can find to post it. For that matter, we hope others will embed it in their own websites.

Our goal is nothing more than to share some incredibly good news with people who need to hear it. We don't much care how they hear it, or through what medium. This film has been a joy to work on; we made it as a labor of love for Mormons, and an offering to the Lord, and if He chooses to use it in any way, we'll consider ourselves doubly blessed.

We just want more Latter-day Saints to come into a true and life-giving relationship with the Jesus Christ--who is the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, and the Savior of our souls--to the glory of His Name!

May the Lord bless each of you this new year, with a growing sense of His love, care, and faithfulness!

--The folks at Main Street Church

Unveiling Grace DVD

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