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December 8, 2011

Dear Friends,

There's no doubt...the world around us is gearing up for Christmas 2011! Whether this season for you is a time of cheer, or a time of struggle, there is some good news that far outshines all the tinsel and glitter. News that should make all of our hearts skip a beat!

God, the Creator of the Universe--the one by whom and for whom all things were made, and who holds all things together--was born a baby, at a real point in human history! God Himself was born a child among people, so that people could become children of God. And how does He do it? By His grace, out of His love, and for His glory. It's a gift that need only be received to be enjoyed. We receive it by trusting in the great Giver and following Him—not a church, or a religion, but the very person of Jesus!

Unveiling Grace DVD

We are getting a stream of encouraging feedback about Unveiling Grace, the film we released last March. We hear both from Latter-day Saints who hunger for the true Jesus, as well as those who are using the film to share Jesus with others. To date we estimate about 12,000 copies in circulation! We receive news on a regular basis of people for whom it has been instrumental in their encountering Jesus. That excites us to no end!

Most have been given away, either by us directly, or by others who get them from us in quantity to give away. We now offer a free copy of the film to anyone who asks, though our first goal is to get it into the hands of Latter-day Saints who seek a genuine encounter with Jesus Christ. So if you, or someone you know, could really use some good news, then check out to either watch online, or to request a DVD copy!

(We gladly offer these for free. Contributions are always appreciated, and enable us to continue making them available for free!)

Mormon Fundamentalists

With the completion of Unveiling Grace, we begin to turn our thoughts and prayers toward the next project. Because of our long-time partnership with A Shield and Refuge Ministry, which reaches out to the Mormon Fundamentalist (polygamist) communities, this seemed like a natural place to begin "scouting out" a new film project.

Popular programs like "Sister Wives" and "Big Love" often paint a rose-colored picture of polygamy. But the reality is quite a different thing altogether. Mainstream Mormons (and the population in general) generally react negatively toward the polygamist lifestyle. As a result, many Mormon Fundamentalists find themselves marginalized and ostracized. Sadly, this only contributes to the problems of abuse and oppression that are all too common among these polygamist groups.

But these are the kinds of people that move the heart of Jesus to action. And they should move our hearts, as well. There are many inspiring and encouraging stories of God's grace reaching into these hidden corners of the Mormon traditions. It makes a for a compelling backdrop to share the power of the love and grace of Jesus Christ. While we desire to use this film to effectively reach out to the Mormon Fundamentalists, its story is intended for all who are seeking a genuine encounter with Jesus Christ.

We hope to release this film in late 2012 or early 2013, as the Lord provides and opens the doors. In the meantime, we will make all the interviews that we gather available online. In fact, the first interview is done, and several more are being scheduled. You can watch the first interview with Doris Hanson (director of A Shield and Refuge Ministry, and host of TV's Polygamy: What Love Is This), raw and uncut, at this link.

Missionary 911

Another project that we're also working on concurrently is one we've entitled "Missionary 911". The end result will be a DVD that will help equip people to have meaningful discussions with LDS missionaries. We want to help people get over the intimidation factor when the inevitable knock on the door comes, and provide some simple, practical tools for talking about eternal matters with the missionaries (or any other Latter-day Saint you know or encounter). Here's a sneak preview: It's really not that hard!

This has been a project that has been on our hearts and minds for a couple of years now. But crowded schedules and the tyranny of the urgent have made progress slow. As we share with other people the details about our plans for the project, the response has almost always been some varition of: "WE NEED THIS!" or "WHAT'S TAKING YOU SO LONG?" or "HURRY UP AND FINISH IT ALREADY!"

So, in the new year we are taking some very concrete steps to push this project forward. This is no small task, however. We certainly appreciate your prayers and support as we proceed!

"...His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." (Isaiah 9:6)

May this same God and Savior, Jesus Christ, who was born a child in Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago, rule in your hearts and minds, and bring you comfort and joy this Christmas season!

--Your friends at Main Street Church


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