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Our History...

Main Street Church has been involved in multimedia outreach for a number of years.

The media ministry began as Living Hope Ministries in 2002, and over the next five years, four different documentaries were produced: DNA vs. The Book of Mormon (2003); Called to be Free (2004); The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon (2005); and Lifting the Veil of Polygamy (2007).

Living Hope Ministries separated organizationally from the church in 2008, and retains ownership of the first three documentaries.

Lifting the Veil of Polygamy is retained by Main Street Church, and is available for online viewing.

Main Street Church's Ongoing Production...

Since the departure of Living Hope Ministries, Main Street Church has re-formed its multimedia outreach efforts, which include our "Sacred Groves" online ministry, and continues to actively produce both DVD and web-based media outreach.

In addition, we have been active in the production of a weekly television program, Polygamy: What Love Is This? in partnership with our ministry to Mormon Fundamentalists, A Shield and Refuge Ministry.

Sacred Groves Network Sacred Groves Network is a website dedicated to sharing the stories of men and women out of Mormon traditions who have experienced a life-changing encounter with the living Jesus Christ. The stories we share are intended to give encouragement and hope, and serve as "signposts" on the journey from religious bondage to freedom in Jesus Christ.

We do this through video interviews, testimonies and stories which we post for all to see. We also are producing feature-length presentations on DVD that are available for low-cost distribution, including many given away at no cost whatsoever. Visit!

Polygamy: What Love Is This? Polygamy: What Love Is This? is a weekly live call-in television talk show that discusses polygamy and Mormon Fundamentalism from a biblical perspective. It airs every Thursday night at 8:00 PM on Salt Lake City's KTMW TV-20.

Ex-Mormon Files The Ex-Mormon Files is a weekly half-hour television program, hosted by former LDS Bishop Earl Erskine. Earl interviews former Latter-day Saints about their journey out of Mormonism and into a relationship with Jesus Christ. It airs every Friday night from 8:00 - 8:30 PM on Salt Lake City's KTMW TV-20. Previous episodes can also be watched online at

Unveiling Grace Unveiling Grace, the story of one LDS missionary's encounter with Jesus...and the effect it had on those around him...was the first film to come out of the "Sacred Groves" ministry and was released in March of 2011. It can be purchased at cost from our bookstore or viewed online. For more information, visit the dedicated website,

Unveiling Grace was made specifically with a Mormon audience in mind. Its objective is to share the good news of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible with our LDS friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

A Home for Hagar A Home for Hagar was produced to raise awareness of the great need experienced by those people (particularly women and children) who are fleeing Mormon Fundamentalism and polygamist lifestyles. Told through the interviews of several women who have lived the nightmare of polygamy, this compelling short film will educate you on what really goes on in thousands of polygamous families across North America...and what can be done to help those seeking to escape the abuses. Visit for more information!
Missionary 911 Missionary 911 was released in August 2016, and is a video teaching series containing five memorable "modules" to help equip Christians to have meaningful and productive conversations about matters of faith with Mormon missionaries...or really any Mormon. We debunk "myths" and pointout pitfalls, provide an overview of the Mormon "gospel" and provide some thoughtful questions to ask, as well as walk you through sharing your own hope in Jesus Christ with your Mormon friends in a way that will be natural and uncomplicated by misunderstandings. Find out more at!

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